Saturday, October 30, 2010

The day the spiders came to lunch

Ten easy ways to decorate with minimal finances.
1. Use any orsnge items you have.
2. Look also for black.
3. wear orange and black colors
4 use costume jewerly
5. buy candles and decor the year before
6. Use paper decor as often as you can
7. put orange food coloring in food.
8. use your imagination
9. If you have trees in your yard pick up some of the nicer dry colorful leaves
10 use any natural items in your yard

My Halloween menu
Notice that there are no forks or spoons.
my menu was
hot dogs on a roll
carrot sticks
apple slices
and water

I was looking around my house and I was wondering what I could use for my Halloween party. I discovered that i had alot of items with spiders on them. That was my inspiration.

This says Happy Halloween on the front of the invitation

Sample of the name card I used

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Decorating for For fall and Halloween

My mantle

He keeps an eye on us in the living room

This is part of how I decorated the bathroom