Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Tribute to a great dad
55 years ago I was born to a couple who were ministers. I am the first born.
My parents took me to church and taught me about Christ. I have fond memories of my dad. Going to the office with him, going to summer music Camp at Allegheny. We also played in band together, We drove to many rehersals together, My dad always put his family first. His greatest joy was having all of his girls home. He taught us to work hard, be honest and respectful. although he loved his girls, he loved his wife more. There was never any doubt that he loved her.
My dad was a people person. He never knew a stranger. He had a strong sense of humor.
Then a bout 9 years ago he developed Parkinsons. It slowly took away my fathers ability to do many things. It changed him. He was able to recognize music.
Then on March 16th2003 Our hevenly Father took him home to be with Him. He was Promoted to glory.
How I miss him. He was a huge Christmas person and I get that from him
So today i want to say thank you for the dad I had.

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