Sunday, July 19, 2009


One of my hobbies is experimenting with food. One of my favorite foods is BBQ chicken. Only problem is I live in an apartment and cannot have a grill. I was hungry for BBQ chicken today. I was out of sauce. So I made up my own.
I took two tablespoons brown sugar, 1/2 a teaspoon of dijon mustard, shake of dried onion, a shake of tomato seasoning salt free, I don't measure my ingredients. three squirts of hot sauce, and a tablespoon of margarine. I mixed it all and spread it on the chicken breast when the chicken was almost done. I continued cooking until the chicken was done. It gave it a nice color and tasted great. With it I had a Ceasear pasta salad. Yummy!!!!!

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  1. Sounds good. I almost always make my own BBQ sauce. Your recipe sounds good. I will give it a try. Hugs, Marty